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Winter weather continues to flow into the area
Temps stick around in the low 60s Sunday. As the sun falls, chilly winds will pick up – bringing cooler conditions into the area. Temperatures are moderate through the upcoming week, with spotty rain chances in the forecast as well. For the latest …
News story posted on 2016-11-13T12:07:00


Winter Weather – Prepare Now for Resilience Later
Historically, Thurston County winters include wind storms, flooding, power outages, and sometimes snow. Winter is just around the corner, and now is the perfect time to begin planning for winter storms. Are you ready for a disaster or emergency at your home?
News story posted on 2016-11-06T18:13:00


‘Ominous’ signs pointing to a dry winter for Utah
Utah’s water supply is feeling the heat — literally — as it enters the snow accumulation season. October temperatures averaged 5.3 degrees higher than normal, said Brian McInerney, a hydrologist for the National Weather Service in Salt Lake City.
News story posted on 2016-11-05T03:33:00

Wichita River

Wichita River beavers prepare for winter weather
Most everyone is looking forward to the upcoming holiday seasons. The temperature is slowly dropping as the anticipation and possibly “worry” is rising. In the natural world, similar preparations are taking place. Many birds are migrating to their …
News story posted on 2016-11-03T04:08:00

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